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M&E Helpline

Got a question about M&E? We are M&E consultants fighting against mediocre M&E. To help our fight against buildings that don’t work, we have now set up the: M&E Helpline. Click to find out more.



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Architects, is indoor air quality our next asbestos?

With new homes getting more and more air tight the risk of poor air quality rises. 

Poor air quality had been linked too many health problem, in this post we are is indoor air quality our next asbestos?




How to plan your m&e without an m&e consultant 

M&E is often poorly planed for. In some extreme cases the building simply does not work. 

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Is_indoor_air_quality our_next_asbestos.

Welcome to Watt Design Studio 

Welcome to Watt Design Studio. In this video i explain a bit about us. 

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Importance of Great M&E Documentation

In the video I talk about the the Importance of Great Documentation. Something that cost not much to do can save a lot of time and effort later. 

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Top tip for Getting utilities right

In this video I give one quick tip to hope you get Utilities right on your next project.


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Is_indoor_air_quality our_next_asbestos.

How We Work

In the video I give you a little background about my experience and how we work.  



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