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In the video I give you a little background about my experience and how we work. 


Hi, welcome to Watt Design Studio. We're M&E specialists fighting against mediocre M&E. So in this video I'm gonna go a little bit more into depth about how we work and how we can support you on your next project. If you haven't yet watched our welcome video please make sure you watch that first. I'll put a link down below, and then that gives you a little bit more of an understanding of what a Building Services Engineer is and how we add value to any project. In this video I'm gonna go on a little bit about myself first, the company and then what sort of packages we offer. So my name is Ryan and I'm a Chartered Building Services Engineer, and I've been working in the construction industry for now over twelve years. So from working projects that are one of homes all the way over to large amenity sites. My key specialty is in mechanical engineering and also sustainability. How I've structured the business is that I will carry out majority of the work, so it gives you some great consistently all the way out through your project, and then since I've actually got quite a very good understanding of mechanical and electrical systems, I will do most of the work for you. When I need to have a little bit more input, I have other chartered engineers to help me out. My main electrical engineer, I've been working with for many years now and he's chartered and he helps us out when I don't know the answer with regards to electrical engineering. We're also supported by a couple of other freelance people. The reason why we tend to do that is we develop some great relationships with them and allows us to remain very flexible, but at the same time provide you some great value as well rather than taking on overheads, we then only use experts for a particular thing at that particular point. That leads me on to what projects we get involved in. So we are specialists here in M&E and we are specialized in three core sectors, which is residential, community and conservation. 'Cause we feel that, that's where we provide the best, value and it allows us provide some great packages. So three packages that we've developed is from years and years and years of working on those types of projects and found out what works, what hasn't worked and that's why we've produced these three packages. One is called Get A Price, which is predominantly called a performance specification. The other one is Preliminary Design, where we do around about say 80% of the design, but the contractors will finish the design once they're been appointed. And then the last package is Detail Design. To be honest our most popular project package and what we would recommend the most is the Preliminary Design. This provides great value 'cause we feel that, on most cases, that performance specifications doesn't give enough information to the contractor. We only really recommend on certain projects where we're very confident the contractor will provide very good design on their own merit and then at the same time Detail Design, the costs of the actual, of our consultancy normally outweighs that and that's your doing larger projects that's generally considered how the feels normally outweigh that. So that's why we've developed this Goldilocks approach where its in the middle and it provides enough information to the contractor but without breaking the bank at the same time. So how do we actually deliver the project? Well, since we need to deliver projects more efficiently than other consultancies, to allow us to have lower fees and provide better value, we've developed our own three "P" process. Which is Planning, Preparation and Production to get a great M&E tender. We then will walk you through the process and it's very quick and easy and it allows us to communicate with the wider design team, exactly when they're gonna get things, how they're gonna get things and make it completely clear what you're gonna get at the end of the day. So thank you for taking the time to watch this video. Like I said in the first welcome video we offer free M&E planning sessions. So if you're thinking about starting up a project or are starting a new project, feel free to get in contact with me and book in a free M&A planning session. We'll run through some high level options but at least it starts getting that conversation going early on as possible. Again they are free and it's very important that we start the ball rolling as early on as possible 'cause it can make a big difference once you get down later on in the project. So thank you for taking the time to watch this video and any questions please feel free to get in contact.