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Welcome to Watt Design Studio, in this video I run through a little bit about us. 


- Hi, welcome to Watt Design Studio. We're M&E specialist fighting against mediocre M&E. So if you're new to the construction industry, you might have not have worked with an M&E engineer in the past, or you might not even have heard one. So how I explain what we do is the architect will define how the building looks, also the former takes, the structural engineer will define how the building will stand up, and the M&E engineer will define how the building works. So what type of heating systems there is cooling ventilation, electrics, etc. With new homes and other types of buildings, being more complicated than ever before, it is now more important than ever to have an M&E engineer in your design team. How I explain where we add our value, is, if you go to a car dealership, you are given a brochure, you can then pick from that, and it clearly outlines what you're going to get and how much you're going to cost you straight away. When you build a building, it's completely the other way around. It's down to the client to define what they want for the contractor then to provide you an appropriate price for that. So that document for instance, we call it a tender is willing, or incomplete or leaves a bit of ambiguity, the contractor finds it hard to price for it and you don't know, if the contractor is going to give you what you want and need. And in some extreme cases actually leads to, the building costing more than it should do and also the building might not even work. So that's why we will sit down with the design team and pull out how the building should operate, what should go into that building and then clearly define that to a contractor to appropriately price for it. And that's where we add most of our value. Unlike most other consultancies, we have specialized in three core areas, which is residential, community and conservation projects. 'Cause we feel that's where we can add the most amount of value and allows us to develop some great packages that is laser focused and serves that sectors, 'cause there's quite a lot of overlap in that sector. So thank you for taking the time to watch this video. One thing we do offer is free M&E planning sessions. So if you are starting out on a new project, please feel free to book in one of our free M&E planning sessions, that helps you to understand what M&E might be put into your building, early on in the design stage. Again, thank you for taking the time to watch video, I'll put a link down below for a little bit more information about M&E planning sessions also a link, explaining a little bit more about how we work and how we deliver our projects. So thank you for your time.