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M&E is important to get right


Procuring a building is unlike most other purchases. You don’t know what you’re going to get until it’s built and by that time, you’ve already invested your money.


Finding problems after it’s built can cost a lot to put right. So it’s important to invest in experts in the initial stages. They’ll have your best interests at heart and will help you clearly define what you want.


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Check out:





The makings of a  great design team


A great design team is made up of many different people…

...without one you will be missing a crucial piece.

What We Cover


As M&E experts we cover many services in your building…

… we make sure the contractor clearly understands

what you want from each service and

what is expected of them.

Why it's important to have a clear tender Set


Since most of us have had the opportunity of buying a car in the past, the following analogy is a great way to highlight why it is important to invest in experts:

…however buildings don’t come with a brochure to flick through to understand what you are going to get and what the performance is. In buildings the role is reversed – it’s your responsibility as the client to tell the contractor what you want … so they know what to give you ... That is why we generate a great set of tender information.

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